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About us

Adica-prom ltd was established in Zagreb in 1993. Since the beginning, our core business is import and wholesale of high quality, modern shoes from world known producers. In first few years we were importing children shoes only. Our foreign partners at the beginning were: Trettal and EWM from Germany and Bossi from France.

Later on we focused on modern, high quality women shoes and till today we import women shoes from best world producers. Currently we are distributors of following brands:

  • - Sanital Light
  • - Sanycom
  • - Bio-life
Thanks to our balanced collections with great number of models we are leading distributers of bio and medical footwear. We make our collections in cooperation with renovated producers of anatomical footwear. Our products are manufactured in Spanish, French and Italian factories. We offer European quality at affordable price.

Our strengths are: long year experience in foreign trade, following, anticipating and acquiring fashion trends, very wide network of domestic retail sale partners, financial power and young team. Small company like Adica-prom can very quickly adjust to the market conditions and changes.

Future brings new challenges. First of all, our biggest challenge is to build up the marketing concept with our foreign partners on our market. Our aim is to keep the appreciative turnover and to build up even stronger network of inland retail sales partners. Changes in tastes, fashion trends and market demand are characteristics of our business. We have to adjust to these changes and we have succeeded in it for more than a decade. That makes us reliable business partner to many retail sale partners in Croatia.


To make our products available to all consumers in Croatia through chain of drug stores and specialized shops.


With our powerful inland and foreign partners, financial power, young, educated and ambitious team, respond to all market demands. Deliver quality and fashionable shoes of accessible prices in each bigger town in Croatia.